Driving health innovation by bringing bold ideas to life

Through thoughtful collaboration we are a powerful destination for digital health. We bridge emerging technologies and the healthcare ecosystem to enable real change.


CDHI technologies fundamentally transform healthcare. 

To improve health worldwide, we envision and realize new technologies, developed at UCSF and beyond, and evaluate them in clinical settings. Guided by science, we catalyze the new era of precision medicine. 


We provide UCSF faculty, students, and staff with the essential support and resources to create and incubate transformative technologies.


We leverage UCSF's clinical trial resources to test, validate, and iterate on novel technologies.


We focus on the integration of new technologies in real clinical environments.


Using our ecosystem for learning, we design digital education for the next generation of health leaders.

We make disruptive innovation work 


Discovering the right treatment for the right patient at the right time. Applying artificial intelligence to multi-modal data to uncover hidden insights.


Together, we are creating a unified digital experience to access and interact with care delivery in a way that is empathic, delightful, personalized and modern. The Digital Patient Experience (DPE) is an ambitious, multi-year effort to make UCSF Health the premier digitally enabled care provider.


Via the Center for Next-Gen Precision Diagnostics Metagenomics, a next generation sequencing test for neurological infections, improving efficiency.

Clinical Informatics

CDHI Informatics Program brings together “multi-disciplinary expertise leading the digital transformation of care delivery, novel technologies, and supporting a connected national digital health ecosystem.”


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We provide world-class guidance and leadership


We pair some of the brightest minds at UCSF with other healthcare and technology leaders to advance digital health innovations at any stage in the process.