Diabetes Design Demo Day Semi-Finalist: GreenDot


Next up in our coverage of semi-finalists for Sanofi’s Data Design Diabetes Demo Day is GreenDot, which used to be called Diabetes 3.0 (good idea on the name change, guys!)

GreenDot was started by two UCSF endocrinologists – Jenise Wong and Aaron Neinstein. We believe they’re the only doctor-originated company in this bunch. They were frustrated, and their patients were frustrated, with the overwhelming amount of data generated by pumps and glucometers. Data in its own format, and in nonstandard layouts, is challenging for patients to interpret and difficult for doctors to compare.

So they built GreenDot’s mobile and web app to collect, arrange and analyze diabetes data wirelessly, in realtime. High blood sugars are orange arrows, lows are represented by blue triangles … and normal sugar is … green dots. It’s easy to see trends, overlap blood sugar data with administered insulin doses, meals, and episodes of activity.

When the data is laid out like this, it makes it easy to come up with a plan. And they’ve developed algorithms to identify new trends — like if the blood sugar is consistently low over several nights, an alert to eat more or decrease the evening insulin dose pops up.

They gave examples for kids with DM I, and for adults with type 2 diabetes. The app doesn’t just focus on what you are doing wrong, but gives positive reinforcement as well, congratulating you for exercising to correct orange triangles. The team thinks this will help with between-visit care: it’s not just for endocrinologists but will be of use to primary care doctors (and maybe even us in the ED?)