GreenDot open source Diabetes platform presented at Dreamforce 2012

GreenDot was part of the UCSF 'Unusual Thinkers' track presented at Dreamforce 2012, this past week at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. GreenDot is  an evolving open source platform that makes diabetes data more accessible and via the web or mobile systems.  It collects data from different diabetes-related devices and stores it in a secure, open source platform.

The open source GreenDot platform is the brainchild of two endocrinologists at University of California San Francisco (UCSF) - Aaron Neinstein, MD, and Jenise Wong, MD, PhD. Their intent was to make diabetes data more accessible to both doctors and patients. GreenDot was formerly known as Diabetes 3.0

Most diabetes patients own multiple devices — glucose monitors, insulin pumps — for managing their condition. The data collected by many of the devices currently on the market often cannot be shared. GreenDot strives to merge the data from all these devices allowing doctors and patients to better aggregate, analyze, and view all the collected data.

GreenDot is one of a growing number of free and open source products available to help maintain records and analyze trends related to diabetes care. Some support a single diabetes tool such as one manufacturers glucose meter, while others are intended to interface with many manufacturers products. Some are designed as single user systems, while others support multiple users in a large clinical setting.

In The NewsBryan Mazzarello