Paging Dr. Algorithm: GE And UCSF Bring Machine Learning To Radiology

Would you trust an algorithm to help you with a medical diagnosis? As hospitals seek out new tools to assist them in triaging the patients most in need, technologies driven by machine learning are expected to make a big impact in the medical sector.

The latest company to throw its hat into the ring is General Electric, which is investing big in software and is already known for its medical imaging equipment. The manufacturing giant exclusively shared with Fast Company that it is partnering with UC San Francisco for the next three years to develop a set of algorithms to help its radiologists distinguish between a normal result and one that requires further attention.

“There’s tremendous opportunity to look at large datasets, like medical images, to predict how patients will do,” says UC San Francisco’s director of UCSF’s Center for Digital Health Innovation, Michael Blum.

In The NewsBryan Mazzarello