UCSF and Cisco to Create Integrated Health Platform


UC San Francisco and Cisco have formed an initiative to jointly develop an interoperability platform for sharing health care information among multiple entities. The platform will be designed to enable health systems, providers and application vendors to share and integrate health data from multiple sources, making pertinent patient information accessible when and where it’s needed for care through a highly secure process.

In the digital age, health interoperability – defined as the ability of different devices, IT systems and software to communicate, exchange and use shared data – will  play an increasingly important role in providing timely, accurate care based on access to real-time patient health data and records.

The U.S. Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology estimates that gaps in health interoperability cost the U.S. economy billions per year. While roughly 94 percent of hospitals and 78 percent of office physicians use certified electronic health records, those records often cannot be accessed by providers in other health systems. As a result, the ONC estimates that one in three consumers remains burdened with providing their own health information when seeking care for a medical problem.

To advance interoperability across the health care industry, Cisco and UCSF will establish a collaborative center at UCSF’s Mission Bay campus. At the center, staff from both entities, along with global health technology leaders, will be able to collectively test and scale the interoperability platform across different devices, IT systems and software.

In The NewsBryan Mazzarello