UCSF Medical Center’s Pharmacy Leadership team wants someone to build these products

Price transparency for patients & providers

Physicians currently lack a tool that allows them to have insight into the true costs of a drug for a patient. The current process for determining cost is highly manual and labor intensive, requiring extensive paperwork and approval by insurance companies. This is particularly detrimental when it comes to high-cost pharmaceuticals like oral chemotherapy, in which a treatment prescribed in the inpatient setting can cost much more in the outpatient setting once the patient is discharged (due to differing coverage and reimbursement models in the in vs outpatient setting). In the midst of managing life-threatening illnesses or end-of-life care, patients often lack knowledge regarding the costs they will bear. Beyond price, prescribers and patients should also be able to clearly understand clinical efficacy of drugs, as well, with the ideal tool providing information on cost based on insurance coverage and also clinical efficacy.

Inpatient medication delivery management and delivery

Another priority area is managing medication batch production and medication delivery to ensure drugs are distributed appropriately among different UCSF campus hospitals. Routine medications at UCSF are prepared centrally in an off-site pharmacy and then distributed to our various hospitals. There is currently not a great system for tracking medication dispatch and delivery. UCSF Medical Center currently also experiences ~25% medication waste due to a multitude of reasons including providers changing an order after a medication is prepared. UCSF is currently exploring lean production solutions to reduce medication waste, improve safety and accuracy through barcode scanning technology and that provide real-time tracking updates from the delivery process, though additional solutions that help us manage production and delivery would be great.

In The NewsBryan Mazzarello