UCSF Nurses Want Someone To Build These Products

Startups looking to partner with health systems: this list is for you.

So often, it seems like new technologies being developed for healthcare don’t address the areas of largest need. We sat down with nursing leaders at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) to get a sense of what clinical problems could be best addressed by technology.

The following list was compiled from interviews with Sheila Antrum (President of UCSF Medical Center and SVP of UCSF Health Adult Services), Daphne Stannard (Director & Chief Nurse Researcher at the Institute for Nursing Excellence at UCSF Medical Center), and Alberto Garcia (Adult Services Patient Care Director).

Why are we sharing this? UCSF’s Center for Digital Health Innovation was formed three years ago to help improve patient care using technology, and we’d like to see more collaboration between health systems and entrepreneurs in healthcare. Please reach out to us if you’re working on any of these issues!