UCSF's CareWeb is a social network for patient care, and Salesforce likes it — a lot

The University of California San Francisco (UCSF) has been building a secure new clinical communications and collaboration platform, and it’s already being used by hundreds of doctors and other caregivers at UCSF Medical Center.

The product, called CareWeb, gives doctors and other caregivers a social networking-like space where they can keep track of a patient’s care in the hospital. It uses a real-time newsfeed model, which works on both desktop and (iOS) mobile screens.

CareWeb is a tantalizing example of how healthcare providers can apply social media and mobile paradigms in clinical settings to better coordinate care.

“It’s kind of like Salesforce Chatter, but it’s built around the patient,” said Michael Blum, MD, director of the Center for Digital Health Innovation (CDHI), which has been managing the development of the product at UCSF. Chatter is a real-time enterprise communication platform.